Surf Board Rental

  • No worries surf shop offers surfboards and bodyboards with fins and reef boots for rent. We have short boards,fun boards and longboards from brands such as Torq, NSP, FAIRWARE, WEBBER, BYRON BAY and ONDA.
  • For beginners there are also soft top surfboards in different sizes for rent.
  • If you are unsure what kind of surfboard you need. We are always happy to assist. Come and have a look!
  • Surfboards - $5 per Day, $35 per Week

Kumana National Park Tours

  • A Kumana safari is an outstanding experience, bird enthusiast can’t say ‘NO’ to. Watch the sights of these magical creatures on a safari to Kumana National park with us and enjoy a thrilling Kumana safari adventure.
  • Includes Jeep and Driver(A Jeep can carry maximum of six adults), Pickup/Drop to/from any location within the radius of 5km from park gate, Trackers are subject to availability at the time of entering to the park, Entrance ticket and water bottles.
  • Pack A - Single $30 / Sessions -11.30am,
  • Pack B - Double $58 / Sessions -11.30am,
  • Pack M - Family $140 / Sessions -11.30am,

Lagoon Tours

  • There are three places to take a lagoon safari in the local area; Kottukal (Pottuvil) is the nearest, Urani (near Whiskey Point) and finally Panama, some 15 km to the south. There has been significant investment over recent years with new boats and buildings as well as better and more centralized organization.
  • The most popular times to do the tour are 6am-8am and 4pm-6pm when it is cooler (There is no shade on the boat) and the wildlife is more active.
  • Pack A (morning or evening) - Single $16 (Includes transport, ticket and water bottles)
  • Pack B (morning or evening) - Double $30 (Includes transport, ticket and water bottles)
  • Pack C (morning or evening) - Triple $40 (Includes transport, ticket and water bottles)
  • Family (min persons - 4 / morning or evening) - Triple $65 (Includes transport, ticket and water bottles)

Vehicle Rent

  • You can see the village in Arugam Bay and visit all locations in Arugam Bay.
  • Scooter – $5 per Day, $35 per Week.
  • Tuk Tuk – $16 per Day, $100 per Week.